gen. dyw. (rez.) dr inż. Roman Polko

Member of the President's Council on Security and Defense

General, commando, two-time GROM commander, doctor of management. He managed foreign war and stabilization missions. He advised the President of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on counter-terrorism and security matters.
He was a Deputy Head of the National Security Bureau. Currently security educator, university lecturer. Pro bono publico - participates in the work of the Presidential Council for Security and Defense.
Married, four children. Hobbies: marathon, field hockey and triathlon.
"Szefologika, czyli logika szefowania" (two editions), "Rozgromić konkurencję" (two editions), "Bezpiecznie już było, czyli jak żyć w świecie sieci terroristystów i ciągłej niepewności", "Armia - instrukcja obsługi". In preparation: "To Thunder the Crisis.