7th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (22.06.2022)
12:00‑12:45 - Debates 2

How does the development of the green railways enter into the strategic plans of the EU?

Transport & Logistics

Railway Program, it is necessary to have a number of favorable circumstances, having a technical, legal, financial and social dimension. The first of them is the efforts of decision-makers to consciously and responsible implementation of the climate policy. The authors of EU strategies and regulations clearly indicate that public transport (in particular rail transport) has a huge role to play in achieving the goal of guaranteeing the EU's climate neutrality by 2050. The Balanced and Smart Mobility Strategy indicates that by 2030 journeys of less than 500 km in Europe should be neutral for climate. How to make this happen? How to convince passengers to change from individual to public transport? How to intensify the cooperation of the energy and transport industries in order to develop solutions for "greening" the energy used to power trains carrying people and goods?