About us

Kongres 590

The name of Kongres 590 comes from the bar code prefix used to mark goods manufactured or distributed by Polish enterprises. Its main goal is to release the potential of the Polish economy and to promote Polish products and services. The idea of Kongres 590 is to create a space for cooperation for Polish entrepreneurs, scientists and political decision-makers.

Kongres 590 is addressed to all companies: from startups, through micro, small, medium and large enterprises. Kongres 590 - a cyclical, annual economic event gathering representatives of Polish business, science, politics and legislation as well as foreign guests. It is an arena for the exchange of thoughts, views and experiences of Polish entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, scientists and economic experts.

The organizer is Kongres 590 sp. z o.o. The Congress is held annually under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. The event is honored by the presence of the most important people in the country, including the President of the Republic of Poland and the Prime Minister, and distinguished guests from the world of foreign business.

Wojciech Majewski
CEO of Kongres 590