We bring everyone together

7th Congress 590
June 22-23, 2022
Ptak Warsaw Expo, Nadarzyn

The Honorary Patronage
of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda

Andrzej Duda
7th Congress 590 with the slogan
"We bring everyone together"
to hold summer and autumn formats
The leading topic of the 7th Congress 590 will be the international cooperation of the Three Seas countries. It is a region characterized by dynamic economic development, which translates into an increase in the wealth of its citizens. At the same time, cooperation within this format brings tangible benefits including the implementation of joint infrastructure projects, new business initiatives, and scientific and cultural exchange.
The challenges faced by the Three Seas region confirm the correctness of the chosen path of cooperation. Tightening mutual contacts requires a better recognition of own abilities, needs and difficulties. In the 7th Congress, the participants will discuss the spectrum of cooperation, setting new goals and, above all, strengthening economic and political relations between Poland and all countries of the Three Seas region.
Thematic areas of the 7th Congress

Politics and security

The dynamics of political relations in recent months shows the necessity of cooperation, especially in the wake of external threats and an attempt to appropriate the potential and territory of individual countries. The Three Seas idea became the foundation of mutual feeling security.



Strengthening the potentials of the Three Seas countries through the synergy of individual industries, strengthening common capital markets, as well as the role and importance of the economic potential of the Three Seas Initiative are challenges facing Poland and its partners. Joint economic initiatives, preceded by analyzes of the needs and directions of development, will allow for faster catching up with highly developed countries.


Agriculture and food

In the era of climate change, agriculture, and especially a concern for the development of ecological agricultural production is another area of challenges and opportunities facing Poland and the Three Seas countries. The observed changes will cause developments in the cultivation and breeding model, and this will affect many aspects of agriculture, from the culture of agricultural production, through changes related to the development of new cultivation methods, to food processing and distribution.



The development of Web3, metaverse, 5G and next-generation technologies, database centers, open data, open software, cybersecurity are just some of the issues related to the next wave of the digital revolution. Many of the Three Seas countries show a very high level of development in these industries. Poland is one of the leaders in electronic banking - many Polish solutions have become a sector standard, which shows the potential of the domestic IT industry. However, technological development never stops and the task of the Three Seas countries is to constantly search for new solutions that would give another development impulse and strengthen the innovation of their own companies.


Logistics and transport

Road, rail, air and water connections, logistics centers, transport automation are the obvious directions of the economic integration of the Three Seas countries. Via Carpatia and Rail Baltica are obvious examples of the necessary investments in the process of developing economic and political relations.


Power engineering

The development of green technologies, nuclear energy, consolidation in the energy industry, energy security of the Three Seas region are priority areas that guarantee the energy security of the region. The dynamics of turbulences on the energy market leaves no doubt about the further direction of development and the need for mutual cooperation in securing the supply of cheap and ecological energy.



Green order, circular economy and low-energy construction are just some of the elements that are of interest to all members of the Three Seas Initiative. Climate challenges, as well as goals related to environmental protection urge to switch the economy to a more climate-friendly solution, and above all, serve the inhabitants of the Three Seas countries.


Social challenges

Demographic problems, challenges for the labor market, internal immigration of the Three Seas Initiative, education in a changing world, universal bilingualism are some of the social challenges facing Poland and the countries of the region. Global processes related to emigration and demography will affect competition between individual economies for qualified employees. This process will directly determine the chances of further dynamic development of the economy.



Joint R&D projects, research specialization in the Three Seas countries, scientific and student exchange are the driving force of further development. Only the intensification of scientific research, the search for synergies between individual countries, as well as the efficient process of absorption of these solutions by the economy will allow Three Seas countries to catch up with the constantly developing Western economies.



The mosaic of the Three Seas countries forms one of the culturally richest areas in Europe. The variety of the region is visible in all areas of culture and art. Mutually sharing the heritage of the countries and peoples of the region is a prerequisite for a full understanding of the values of history and culture. The current state of cultural exchange is largely insufficient. There is a need to improve it through a series of initiatives aimed at getting to know each other better.



The challenges of the last 3 years show to what extent the health care system and its efficient operation can affect the functioning of the economy and supply chains. The need for isolation and border blockades contributed to the suspension or abandonment of many important initiatives. The search for solutions that protect citizens and strengthen the economic potential, will become another goal of health care development.

Congress 590 is a key economic event in Poland since 2016, attended by the most important people in Poland: President Andrzej Duda, representatives of the Council of Ministers, as well as outstanding experts, politicians and opinion leaders. The undoubted success of the previous Congress was the participation of the President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen and representatives of Austrian business. The accompanying event, the Polish-Austrian Economic Forum Green Future, allowed for establishing new business contacts.


Successes of previous Congresses:

  • During the 6th Congress 590, the organizers had the honor of hosting Presidents of Austria and Poland
  • 304 specialists, experts and scientists discussed various topics on 5 stages during the 6th Congress 590
  • 85,000 people watched the live broadcast and coverage on the YouTube channel
  • 10,900 media publications on the 6th Congress 590 were posted on the web and in the press
  • 117.9 million people received information / advertisement about Congress 590
  • PLN 19.6 million was the advertising equivalent (AVE) of all media publications regarding the 6th Congress 590 (according to Newspoint data)
  • PLN 26.2 million was the advertising equivalent (AVE) of all media publications in 2021 - concerning the 5th and 6th editions of Congress 590 (according to Newspoint data)