7th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (22.06.2022)
15:30‑16:20 - International Stage

Regional cooperation in the face of global challenges – part 2

Politics, security

The outbreak of war and the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine accelerated processes already known before the outbreak of the conflict, but in many other cases completely changed the situation, led to the emergence of new phenomena and posed new challenges to the international community.
The consequences of the war and Russian aggression against Ukraine particularly affect the countries of Central Europe. The new situation therefore requires an exchange of views and, as far as possible, agreement on common positions and joint actions.
How do the individual countries of the region assess the overall situation in Central Europe caused by military actions in its immediate vicinity? How to cooperate in the field of energy security? Is there scope for cooperation on potential humanitarian crises and food crises? How to cooperate to solve these problems within the European Union?