8th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (21.06.2023)
13:50‑14:30 - Debates 3

From what tomorrow…? What from the history of economic thought is important for its new horizons?


Rev. Jacek Gniadek's book recently translated into English, "Two Men from Galicia - the Concept of the Human Person according to Ludwig von Mises and Karol Wojtyla," shows in the search for new horizons in economics the importance of human dignity, the power of which is realized in human action that forms the basis of one of the most famous treatises on economics, "Human Action." New concepts are emerging all the time, the most famous exponent of which today is French economist Thomas Piketty with his "Capital in the 21st Century" and "The Economics of Inequality." He is the second most famous economist from this country after Frederic Bastiat, whose works are being reprinted and quoted despite the passage of more than 170 years since his death. Today, there is also a return to the work of Polish economists, whose achievements from the Second Republic have seen many reissues and studies, not least because their studies of the economy or inflation remain a living inspiration for contemporary researchers looking for what tomorrow will be made of.

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