8th edition Warsaw / Day 2 (22.06.2023)
11:00‑11:45 - Debates 2

12 billion cubic meters of gas
from own production, or how ORLEN will increase energy security

Energy and Ecology

The panelists will address issues related to the role of natural gas in Poland's energy transition. They will present the goals announced in the PKN ORLEN2030 Strategy regarding the increase in total gas production by the company from its own deposits to 12 bcm. An attempt will be made to assess the current state and future of the company's own natural gas production, including from domestic sources, and the challenges facing the upstream sector in the coming years. The discussion will be set in the context of the raw materials policy of the Polish state as well as the opportunities associated with the use of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, which are revolutionizing the process of exploration and extraction of natural gas.