8th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (21.06.2023)
14:30‑15:15 - Debates 3

Universal bilingualism with English
as a necessary element
of defense policy in NATO countries

Security and Defence

Protecting the Russian-speaking population has been and continues to be a primary pretext for Russia's aggression against other countries. The question is, must it be in the future? So shouldn't the Russian language disappear as quickly as possible and forever from the threatened areas? Is it possible to carry out an effective "language offensive," and what role can the patterns developed in our country and our country as a leading force in the process of shifting the boundaries of the circles of civilization play in this effort? Finally, can a common, universally functioning language be not only a unifying force internally for NATO, but also a kind of "soft power" that will determine the alliance's victory in a confrontation with this or that aggressive dictatorship? These are just some of the themes that will become the subject of comprehensive analysis and discussion by the panelists.

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