8th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (21.06.2023)
12:00‑12:45 - Debates 1

The Family – The Way Or The Obstacle To Freedom…?


We live in an incredibly individualized world, in which the possibilities for the realization of personal plans and aspirations seem limitless. This means that the sphere of individual freedom of choice and self-determination is much wider today than it was even two or three decades ago. In such a context, it happens that family life is sometimes relegated to the background, and in the case of representatives of younger generations, either crossed out as an unattractive life path, or increasingly postponed to another, unspecified moment. This is often accompanied by media promotion of freedom and independence, while portraying family relationships as a denial of freedom and life fulfillment. In this way, more and more often, the family, which is an enclave of freedom and at the same time an essential space for the formation of free and responsible members of society, is today sometimes seen as an obstacle rather than a path to freedom. Is it rightly so...?

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