Kamil Adamczyk

Chief Expert for Legal Affairs
Department of Nuclear Energy
Ministry of Climate and Environment

Chief Expert for Legal Affairs at Nuclear Energy Department, Ministry of Cimate and Environment

Since 2014, he has been involved in drafting bills and other regulations necessary for the implementation of nuclear power in Poland in the ministries in charge for Polish Nuclear Power Programme (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of State Assets, Ministry of Climate and Environment), and then leading their legislative process. He also prepares draft administrative decisions on nuclear power plant investments, which are issued by the Minister of Climate and Environment.

Co-author and coordinator of legislative process on the recent amendment of the so-called Nuclear Investments Special Act, aimed at acceleration of licensing procedures for new nuclear power plants in Poland. Led the legislative process of key government strategic documents on the nuclear sector, including the 2020 update of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme.

Since 2015, Mr. Kamil Adamczyk is representative of Poland in the Nuclear Law Committee of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris, and since 2019 - member of the Legal Advisory Group of nucleareurope (formerly Foratom) the European nuclear industry association based in Brussels. Since 2023 he is a member-secretary of the Advisory Committee to the the Minister of Climate and Environment for the development of nuclear energy in Poland, which is a forum for dialogue between the Ministry and investors of SMRs and large-scale nuclear power plants.

He has completed a number of foreign trainings, courses and study visits organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency or nuclear technology supplier countries. During these visits he became acquainted with the legal, institutional and organisational solutions concerning the nuclear power sector in the most advanced countries developing nuclear programmes (e.g. USA, France, UK, Japan, South Korea).

Graduate of law at the University of Silesia, diploma of the International School of Nuclear Law (joint project of the University of Montpellier in France and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency), graduate of the postgraduate course on legislation organised by the Government Legislation Centre.

He specialises in the licensing process for nuclear power plants. Author of several scientific papers in this area. He is particularly interested in the possibilities of improving the licensing process of nuclear power plants based on good practices of other industries (e.g. civil aviation).