Janusz Włodzimierz Adamowski

Dean of the Faculty
Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology of the University of Warsaw

Janusz Włodzimierz Adamowski – professor at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies. The dean of this Faculty in the period 2016-2020 and 2020 – 2024.
Former dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (2008-2016) as well as
the director at the Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw (1999-2008).

He has completed his studies in Economy (Warsaw School of Economics- SGH, former SGPiS), Journalism (University of Warsaw) and PhD studies in Political Science (University of Warsaw).
His scientific interests concentrate on a research problems connected with Polish and foreign media systems, especialy: British, Canadian and Russian ones.

In the past he was a member of the Political Science Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (twice); at this moment he is a member of the Media and Social Communication Sciences at the Academy as well as a member of the Media Commission of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU) in Kraków. Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the public Polish Radio (2014-2016).