8th edition Warsaw / Day 2 (22.06.2023)
15:30‑16:15 - Debates 3

Animators of the Image
of Poland in Europe


The Schuman Thought Institute will present activities within the framework of its latest project - Animators of Poland's Image in Europe - with a particular emphasis on building the country's brand through cooperation with the Polish community, promoting reliable knowledge of Poland's successes in many areas, and preventing the spread of false opinions and facts about our homeland.
As part of the discussion, we will talk about the importance of cooperation with the Polish Diaspora, the difficulties and prospects, as well as the tasks that should be carried out in the near future.
Based on the experience of the Our Future Foundation organization, we will consider - how to effectively gain the trust of young people so that they are proud of their country of origin and become ambassadors of the Polish cause abroad, including representing the country as students at prestigious European universities and then working outside Poland?
We will look at the importance of historical truth and its power to influence the perception of Poland in Europe based on current cases of hypocrisy of Polish history.

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