Przemysław Zakrzewski

Vice President of the Board
ABB E-Mobility

Przemyslaw Zakrzewski has been with ABB since 2004, and since 2019 he has headed ABB's Corporate Technology Center, which develops solutions in the areas of production management for discrete, food and petrochemical industries, electromobility and efficient use and storage of energy, intelligent buildings, digital solutions for marine units combining cloud platforms, Internet of Things, automation and advanced data analytics. Among other things, he is co-responsible for research and development projects that result in products and services that enable ABB's customers and partners to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and ecologically. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Lodz and an Executive MBA from the University of Warsaw / University of Illinois. Won the Diamond CIO of the Year "Voxpopuli - vox CIO" in 2015. Passionate-programmer, for many years fascinated by digital technologies and defining future interfaces and methods of human-machine, machine-machine cooperation.