Grzegorz Jóźwiak

Director of Alternative Fuels Department PKN ORLEN S.A.

Grzegorz Jóźwiak joined PKN ORLEN in 2004 and is currently Director of the Alternative Fuels Department. He has extensive experience in oil, gas and energy production processes from the operational and optimization point of view. He has extensive experience in integration of refineries and petrochemistry, identification of synergies between plants. Able to manage refinery and petrochemical processes with a focus on margin maximization. Experienced in implementing changes and solving problems at the plant. Author of many improvement projects, maximizing margins through equipment solutions and digitalization of resources. Co-author of Hydrogen Eagle project, one of the largest hydrogen infrastructure projects in Central Europe. Currently responsible for its implementation. Coordinates the direction of carbon neutrality based on circular economy and realization of hydrogen value chain.