dr Tamas Rev

Materials & Mechanical Lead - Space Applications
Acktar Ltd.

Materials & Mechanical Lead at Acktar Ltd. especially focused on Space Applications. Tamas has extensive research experience in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Former collaborative partners include NASA Langley Research Center, ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Tamas holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, an MRes and PhD in Advanced Composites from the University of Bristol, and a former Postdoctoral Fellow at Technion.

In his current role at Acktar Ltd, Tamas leads global business activities for the company as well as space technology development projects collaborating with key players in the industry: ranging from research institutions to traditional Space Agencies and New Space startups. As a young professional, Tamas is passionate about innovation and collaboration in the fields of space technology and advanced materials & applications. Through collaboration, the space ecosystem can be advanced pushing the boundaries of mankind.