Anna Gwozdowska

FakeHunter, Polish Press Agency

2020- editor and deputy head of (Media Intelligence PAP);
Cooperation in monitoring foreign media for PAP clients.
2017-2020- publisher of the news and current affairs program "Welcome to the Trio",
Polish Radio, Program III
2015-2020 editor in the foreign section of the weekly magazine "Wprost"
since 2017 - contributor to the magazine previously:
cooperation with magazines: "Historia DoRzeczy", "Esquire", "Plus minus"; editor of the popular science magazine "Focus" and "Focus Historia",
Editor and head of section in "Przekrój", editor of "Obserwator Finansowy" (NBP), editor of opinion section in "Polska The Times",
Senior Writer at the English-language "Warsaw Business Journal," cooperation with "Central Business Europe," a publication of The Economist Group,
Radio correspondents for "Voice of America" - "Voice of America", cooperation with the travel magazine "Voyage";
editor and presenter in the English-language editorial department of Polish Radio Program V; internship at "Voice of America" and "Worldnet TV" in Washington;
TVP (Telewizja Polonia, cooperation with the international editorial department of TVP2).

EDUCATION: Master's degree, Iberian Studies, specialization in Portuguese at the Faculty of Neophilology, University of Warsaw;
Diploma in the piano class of the F. Chopin Secondary Music School in Warsaw;
one-year studies (specialization in television) at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA STIPPENS,

- Ron Brown Fellowship/Fulbright: one-year study of journalism in the USA;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal: language course in Lisbon;
- TEMPUS Program: one-year postgraduate studies
at the University of the Azores in Ponta Delgada, Portugal;
- Universita per Stranieri, Reggio Calabria, Italy: Italian language course.