Włodzimierz Kocon

Former Vice President of the Management Board of the Bank of National Economy

Włodzimierz Kocon has been involved in investment activities and the real estate market, as well as the financial market and banking for more than 30 years. He gained experience in management positions at PwC, Von der Heyden Group, APP Poland and Gerald Eve International. From 2007 to 2013, he was director of the Real Estate Sector Office at PZU Asset Management/TFI PZU and was responsible for real estate investments, among other things.

At an earlier stage of his career, in his own words, he "abolished Censorship." In 2001-2003, he managed a project to build a new office building on the site of the former Censorship building on Mysia Street. He is also a licensed real estate broker. Before becoming vice president of BGK, he was an independent real estate consultant.

In 2013, he worked at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, co-creating the concept of the Housing for Rent Fund. He was one of the authors of the investment strategy of BGK Nieruchomości. He was also responsible for its implementation as CEO. In 2016, he returned to BGK and took the position of vice president of the board, which he held until February 2023. He is currently an independent advisor.

He inspires involvement and activity by his own example. He brings the subject of finance and banking closer to young people participating in educational programs (including Bank Horizons). He teaches children from the orphanage to ski. He also coached volleyball players and volleyball players (lowest coaching level).

He graduated from the Economic and Social Faculty at the Warsaw School of Economics (formerly SGPiS). He also completed MBA studies at the Warsaw University of Technology.

He is passionate about sports, especially volleyball and skiing, as well as unicycles. He has traveled by motorcycle through almost all of the Three Seas countries and Belarus.