prof. Andrzej Krakowski

University Professor
City University of New York

Prof. Andrzej Krakowski, Ph.D. Director, screenwriter, film producer, teacher, writer and cartoonist. Professor of the City University of New York, doctor of film arts. The laureate of the Wybitny Polak (USA) Award in science (2022) and the Wybitny Polak Award (World) in 2023. Krakowski studied Directing at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. Expelled from Poland during anti-Semitic purges in 1968, he continued his studies at the American Film Institute.

He has made over seventy films and TV series. Director of the award-winning “Looking for Palladin”, “Farewell to My Country”, “Campfire Stories”, “The Politics of Cancer”. Producer of the popular Broadway musical “King David”, the Oscar-nominated “California Reich”, and the winner of two Emmy awards for the series “We Are New York”. Author of screenplays to eighteen feature films and books, including: “Triumph of the Spirit”, “Eminent Domain”, “Managua”, “Tides of War”, “Genghis Khan”, “Pollywood: jak stworzyliśmy Hollywood” [Pollywood: How Poles Created Hollywood], “Pollywood II: uciekinierzy w raju” [Pollywood. Volume II. Refugees in Paradise], “Bronisław Kaper: od poczatku do konca” [Bronislaw Kaper: from the beginning to the end], and “The World Through the Eye of a Screenwriter”. In the eighties, he was a cartoonist of the “Business of Film” bi-continental industry magazine (London and Los Angeles).

Currently his cartoons appear on the blogs “Foreign Confidential” and “Reunion ‘68”. His latest bi-lingual album of cartoons “Hole in the Whole/Dziura w całym” has been published by Blue Bird Publishers in August 2017. Aside from his creative and pedagogical work, Krakowski is a successful businessman. He was a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of two successful television networks: the first dual platform (over-the-air and satellite) in Poland NaszaTV (now Scripps Networks) and the first US Internet TV network (now IA Global) in New York. He has been one of the pre-IPO investors in Starbuck Coffee, as well as a venture capitalist in neutrino technology, broadcast and bio-mass alternative fuels fields.