Dr n. med. Piotr Wychowański

Assistant Professor WUM, Wychowański Stomatologia

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Dentistry, Doctor of Medicine, Biomaterials Engineer First and Second Degree Specialist in Dental Surgery,

Master of Dental Implants at the University of Cologne (Germany) and the University of California Los Angeles (USA), Graduate of the Harvard Dental University in Boston USA - Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Osteology Research Academy (Doctor of Good Research Practice and Essentials of Resesarch Methodology), Leader of Implant Prosthetics Skills, academic teacher for many years, Assistant Professor at the Medical Academy and subsequently at the Medical University of Warsaw, tutor and co-organizer of the master's program in implantology at the Sacred Heart Clinic in Rome (Italy), accredited researcher authorized to design and conduct scientific research on animals POLLASA, Board Member of the National Society of Dental Implantology OSIS, Member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the European Organization for Osseointegration.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Team for activities promoting science in terms of raising the scientific level and the level of internationalisation of published scientific journals appointed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Member of editorial committees of scientific journals from the Philadelphia List with the highest impact factor (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - IF=3.39 and Applied Sciences - IF= 2.679). Reviewer of numerous (more than 12 journals) from the Philadelphia List. Author of 6 national and international patents in the field of implantology and materials engineering. Author of numerous scientific publications with a total IF impact factor of over 78. Author of three novel surgical methods and international diagnostic classification for immediate implantology. Author of six national and international patents in the field of dental implantology, tissue engineering and biotechnology. In the scientific ranking of the Warsaw Medical University 2018-2021 the best publishing dentist.

Winner of scientific, teaching and special awards of His Magnificence the Rector of the Warsaw Medical University.

He has scientific collaborations with Warsaw University of Technology, National Academy of Sciences, Medical University of Gdansk, Silesian Medical University, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, University of Arizona (USA), Ohio State University (USA), Youngstown State University (USA), University of Milan (Italy), Lund University (Sweden) and Shizouoka University (Japan).

Since 1993, he has run his own highly specialized dental clinic where he provides holistic dentistry care in addition to innovative dental implantology treatments. In the course of his business he has become: Laureate of the Teraz Polska competition, Laureate of the Super Medicus competition of the Warsaw Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Laureate of the Innovation Pearls of the General Council of Research Institutes, Member of the Chapter of the Super Medicus competition, Laureate of the Entrepreneurs' Quality Mark Wiktoria - Personality of the Year.

As part of his charitable activities he supports the treatment of patients suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa, health promotion among children and Pygmies in Africa and the Junior Sports Club MKS Ciechanów.