inż. Piotr Winiarski

President of the association Poland Business Center World, Austria

Poland Business Center World is a Polish-Polish economic association in Vienna, which aims to promote cooperation and economic activity of Poles in Europe and around the world.

The source of resources and know how for stow. PBCW is a family company, GmbH. It has introduced hundreds of Polish and Polish-American companies to many countries. It supports technology companies in the areas of operational and strategic marketing as well as tax and legal issues. She helps local companies from Poland attract new groups of customers in neighboring markets, such as the Tricity.

Piotr Winiarski graduated with a degree in engineering and economics from Berlin, and holds an M.Sc. degree from Wroclaw University of Technology and Gdansk University of Technology. He was awarded the silver badge of the Polish technical organization for the popularization of Polish technical thought abroad. Participant and co-organizer of numerous international fairs, seminars, workshops, cooperation exchanges. Carries out projects related to the culture and history of Poland, the Borderlands and the history of Polish technical thought AND inventions. He is interested in shooting, off-road driving, skiing.

Eng. Piotr Winiarski believes that the Three Seas Initiative Economic Polonia can significantly support the development and economic cooperation throughout the region. The Social Doctrine of the Church is his compass in both life and business. He believes that the figure of Janos Esterhazy should inspire efforts to integrate the Three Seas Initiative region.