dr hab. prof. UAM Michał A. Michalski

Professor of Adam Mickiewicz University, cultural studies scholar, economic ethicist, researcher of interdependencies between culture, family and economy

dr hab. prof. UAM Michał A. Michalski (born 1975) - culture expert, economist, economic ethicist, researcher on interrelations between culture, family and economy. President of the Foundation Institute for Family and Society Studies, expert of the Polish Parents Forum, member of the Family Council at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. Director of the Center for Research on Family and Demography at Collegium Intermarium and associate professor at the Department of Economic Ethics of the Institute of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies of A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

In 2014 he published a habilitation monograph entitled "The importance of the family for the intergenerational transmission of economic culture"(Scientific Publishers UAM). Author of more than fifty publications (in Polish and English) in the field of interdependence between family, culture, and socio-economic development. In 2021, as a scientific editor, he co-authored research and published reports on "Costs of family and marriage breakdown in Poland" and "Pro-family solutions in private companies in Poland".

Privately a husband and father of five children, in his free time a guitarist and enthusiast of Tato.net.