Mateusz Izydorek vel Zydorek

Deputy Director of the Bureau of Customs Agencies

He graduated with honors in Executive MBA (GFKM/UG/Porto Business School) and Computer Science (UKSW). He is a specialist in electromobility (UKSW) and logistics processes and systems (UG). He gained professional experience in consulting where he was the author of many analyses and studies on transport issues (Transport Plans, transport development analyses, traffic model studies,
bottlenecks, etc.). He was the editor-in-chief of the portal and coordinator of the railroad Think Tank Cluster "Luxtorpeda 2.0".
He is a frequent commentator on freight and passenger transport topics in both trade and national media. He is a co-author of many reports and studies related to rail transport and a popularizer of innovations and new technologies in the area of transport and mobility (including hydrogen solutions in rail transport and smart city solutions).