Marcin Wolak

Vice-President of the Management Board of GPW Logistics S.A.

Manager and entrepreneur specializing in such areas as logistics, transportation, global supply chains, and technology and innovation. For many years he has been creating solutions for the logistics industry. He is actively involved in the area of digitalization of the document flow in transport taking part, among others, in the international project "Diginno" or participating in the construction of digital document exchange platforms.

Originator of the creation and leader of the "Subgroup on Transport and Mobility" in the "Working Group on Artificial Intelligence" (KPRM Digitalization). Member of the expert group in the Digital Transport & Logistics Forum at the European Commission. One of the originators, co-founder and first President of the Polish Road Transport Institute. Author of many articles, reports and publications (e.g. on the technological revolution in the TSL industry or the importance of the logistics industry for the Polish economy).
He is currently involved in the implementation of the concept of the Polish Digital Logistics Operator developed under the "Synergy" programme of the Ministry of State Assets, a strategic initiative of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Vice-President of the Management Board of GPW Logistics S.A.