Małgorzata Jaroszek

Spokesperson for the Institute of Schuman’s Thought

Graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. Master's degree student in Journalism and Social Communication at UKSW and Creative management in New Media at the Film School of the University of Silesia. A graduate of the Academy of Leaders of the Republic of Poland and the Academy of Diplomacy Leaders. For several years associated with non-governmental organizations: Institute of Schuman’s Thought, Republic of Polonia Association, Polonia Institute, Foundation of the Visegrad Institute. She completed internship in the Foundation for Legal Protection Ordo Iuris and in the American publishing house Aquila Polonica. She participated in a six-month scholarship in Los Angeles, where she promoted Polish culture overseas in cooperation with the Polish Consulate there. Coordinator of the European Schuman Festival, Christmas Eve and Easter without Borders. Spokesperson at the Institute of Schuman’s Thought. She cooperates with Polish Radio and the Association of Business&Science Poland Employers.