Kamil Tatol

Chief Executive Officer
Flying Bisons

As the CEO of Flying Bisons, a leading European Digital Consulting & Delivery company, my mission is to help brands Unleash Their Digital Potential™. I lead a powerhouse team of nearly 100 talented professionals who are driven to excel in the digital space. We specialize in defining, designing, and developing cutting-edge digital products and services for industry leaders (i.e. IKEA, Mercedes AMG or KFC) as well as game-changing startups (i.e. Booksy, Devskiller, and Telemedico). We're 100% focused and committed to delivering business results through our services... so working with us is not a cost, but an investment - a hell of a good one! By providing a comprehensive suite of services, including research, strategy, branding, content creation, design, development, and data analytics, we serve as a one-stop shop and go-to partner for companies aiming to excel and drive change in their industry with the use of technology.
We guide organizations through digital transformation, empowering them to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Our mission is to empower businesses to Unleash Their Digital Potential™. I held an MBA degree in Digital Transformation, where I was honoured as the top student in my graduating class. Before, I graduated in Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology and UX Design at SWPS, where later on I became an academic teacher. All of these equipped me with knowledge and skills around business, technology and design, the magic trio of Customer Experience design.
As a leader, educator and mentor, I share my insights about the digital industry with students, colleagues, and entrepreneurs, fueling the growth and development of people around me.
Throughout my career, I have spearheaded over 100 digital projects across 12 markets, with a focus on Scandinavia, Western Europe, CEE, and the Middle East. My relentless drive for innovation keeps me on the lookout for ways to create groundbreaking products and services, while maintaining an unwavering attention to detail and a hands-on approach to projects.