Joanna Szyman

CEO of Na Klinach Hospital, Neo Hospital Group

Manager, entrepreneur and expert with nearly 20 years of experience in the medical, financial and insurance industry. Currently, she is also Vice President of the Upper Finance Group and a member of the Supreme Council of the Polish Federation of Hospitals.

She has managed numerous M&A processes (about 50 processes on the medical market with the total value of over PLN 1 billion). She advised, as an industry expert, private equity funds. In 2009-2016 she created Scanmed as one of the leaders in private health care in Poland. In 2019 she created NEO Hospital Group running one of the most innovative, efficient and patient-friendly medical centers in Europe. In 2021 Na Klinach Hospital was honored, with a prestigious award in the international competition organized by the International Hospital Federation (IHF Awards) in the category of American College of Healthcare Executives Excellence Award for Leadership and Management.