dr hab. Joanna Kulczycka


Prof. AGH - Deputy Dean for Cooperation and Development of the Faculty of Management at AGH and Head of the Closed Circuit Economy Department at the Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy, Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of more than 250 publications.

Participant of numerous commissions and councils in the EU and the country, such as:

· UNEP Resource Panel (2020-2024)

· EIP Raw Material Operational Group of the European Commission since 2017.

· Committee for Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2016-2020, 2021-2024).

· State Council for Environmental Protection (2021-2026).

Organizer of many conferences and workshops in the area of closed-loop economy and the use of life cycle assessment method for environmental impact analysis of processes and products. In 2009, she received the Third Degree Award for Outstanding National Scientific and Technological Achievement - Prime Minister. She also has a diploma - Mining Director of the First Degree (2006), awarded by the Minister of Economy, honorary badge for merits for environmental protection and water management No. 1761 (2011) - Minister of the Environment once Medal of the National Education Commission (2017), as well as a badge of Honoris Gratia from the Mayor of the City of Krakow. Since 2013, he has been President of the Board of Directors of the Cluster of Waste Management and Recycling (National Key Cluster) and Director of the office of the Institute for Autostrada Technologii i Innowacji - a virtual institute supporting cooperation between science and business.