Janusz Szewczuk

Expert of the Association of Polish Cities

Since 1990 associated with local government and local development issues. Member of the Management Board of the City of Szczecin, President of the Association for the Economic Development of Municipalities, Development Director in the US AID Local Government Partnership Program, affiliated research fellow at the Center for Urban Development Studies (CUDS) Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, international specialist in local economic development at the World Bank, project manager for Polish Foreign Aid, economic development specialist at the Association of Polish Cities. He participated in implementation of many new instruments and mechanisms in local development management in Poland and other countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Currently, as a strategic advisor to the Union of Polish Cities, he participates in the implementation of the Local Development Program addressed to 255 cities with the most difficult socio-economic situation and the pilot program of the Advisory Support Centre offering support for cooperation between small towns and rural self-governments from areas threatened by permanent marginalization. Program coordinator of the Local Development Monitor, a unique information system supporting local and regional development management in Poland. Honorary citizen of Tbilisi.