Igor Wasilewski

President of the Board of PERN S.A.

An effective manager with almost 30 years of experience in the energy sector. Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw, and Warsaw School of Economics. He has an MBA diploma from the University of Illinois, Chicago – a participant in many international trainings (Germany, France, England, Italy). Recently, a graduate of the Kozminski Advanced Management Program.

He held management positions in GPEC (2010-2015) and Gaz-System (2006-2009) and managerial positions in PGNiG (1998-2004), Gaz-System (2004-2006) and PSE (2010). Since January 2016, he has been the President of the Management Board of PERN S.A.

He created and effectively implemented company strategies bringing significant growth to its financial results, he optimized operational functioning of companies, launched investment programs (PLNG), changed the organizational culture of companies (MBO, coaching, mentoring, job rotation), implemented advanced IT technologies (FFA, ERP, GIS, Workflow, Scada, billing), centralized capital group structures, launched new products on the market, focused on customer needs, growth of company value and employee development.