George Byczynski

Editor-in-Chief of British Poles

George Byczynski is editor-in-chief of British Poles, a Polish language portal in the UK, and an advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland, a British-Polish group in the British Parliament of 80 MPs and Lords. Byczynski studied International Law at Westminster University, International Relations at Brunel University and English Law at BPP Law School in London. He also completed the Business and Entrepreneurship summer schools at Cambridge University and International Politics at Oxford University.

George co-organized the "60 Million Congress - Global Polonia Summit" in London, which brought together over three hundred Polish entrepreneurs and Polish activists in 2019. As part of the activities of the British-Polish Parliamentary Group, Byczynski, among others, prepared a debate in the House of Commons on the contribution of Poles in World War II, the positive impact of Polish entrepreneurs on the UK economy, and energy threats in NATO's eastern flank. Byczynski is co-author of the parliamentary think piece "Three Seas Initiative and Opportunities for the UK" published by the Royal United Services Institute. He has also undergone New Security Leaders training, a programme co-organised by the Warsaw Security Forum for selected experts in international relations, foreign policy and defence.

George organizes the annual #Polishblood charity event, during which thousands of Poles in the UK donate blood to UK hospitals (NHS). He is also the winner of the "Outstanding Young Pole in the UK 2015" competition organised by the Teraz Polska Foundation.