Elisabeta Ghidiu

Director of the Department of Corporate Strategy and Management in Transgaz

As Director of the department of corporate strategy and management in Transgaz, Elisabeta Ghidiu is an essential person for some of the most important activities of the company such as budget and development strategy, the company's activity on the capital market, relations with investors and rating agencies, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Having held this key role for over 13 years, she also coordinates communication and public relations, internal managerial control system and media relations, making her a go to person for information about Transgaz, but also a valued comunicator on behalf of the company. Prior to this position, Elisabeta Ghidiu was held an advisory capacity for the CEO of Transgaz.

She has a rich economic background, having worked in different industries such as automotive, textile or the production of non-ferrous metals, which gives her an unique view of the economic landscape and a comprehensive view of the business environment.

Elisabeta Ghidiu is a Doctor of Economics with a specialization in Management and has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and European Integration. She is extremly knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the Stock Market, with an extensive expertise in this area.