Dawid Cycoń

CEO ML System S.A.

Originator and co-founder of ML System S.A., a technology company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which in December 2021 launched the world's first production line of transparent glass with quantum coating that generates electricity from the sun. In the company he serves as President of the Board, is responsible for the product development strategy based on the transfer of research results to industrial scale. The company, which has existed for over 15 years, consistently maintains its leading position in the domestic market, is also one of the key global manufacturers and suppliers of BIPV (photovoltaics integrated with buildings). The products offered by ML System are used both in classical rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic installations and in sustainable construction, land and water transport and automotive industries. They are an ideal answer to the current needs of the energy transition process - the transition from conventional to renewable energy sources.

Dawid Cycoń is a co-author of 13 patents and 6 utility models with protection rights, as well as publications in the field of photovoltaic cells and modules.

Since 2019, he is a Member of the Entrepreneurship Council of the President of the Republic of Poland.