Bret Kugelmass

CEO Last Energy

Bret Kugelmass, founder and CEO of Last Energy, is a technology entrepreneur, formerly known for his early work in Silicon Valley pioneering autonomous systems. In 2017, he founded the Energy Impact Center, a Washington DC-based research institute, with a focus on climate restoration and special expertise in nuclear energy. EIC became world-renowned in launching the Titans of Nuclear podcast, a transformative resource for nuclear advocacy and communication across the industry. Subsequent thought leadership includes Bret keynoting dozens of climate, energy, and industry conferences, their online presence amassing million views across 150+ countries. Through the OPEN100 platform, EIC broke through further barriers to innovation demonstrating both technical leadership and business acumen, in bringing together dozens of leading nuclear institutions from around the world onto this open-source Small Modular Reactor development platform. Catalyzing on these efforts, Bret spun out a commercial development company, Last Energy, revolutionizing the delivery model for small pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. Bret’s life mission is to bring the wonders of atomic energy to the entire planet enabling rapid decarbonization and energy access for all.