7th edition Warsaw / Day 2 (23.06.2022)
12:30‑13:15 - Debates 1

What will the transport of the future look like? How does the network of connections in Poland and the EU look like?

Transport & Logistics

Poland and the European Union have to face the milestone task of modernizing mass means of transport. The climate challenges, damage to the transport industries caused by the pandemic and the current situation on international markets indicate a number of changes that need to be implemented by both passenger and freight carriers. Poland, as a technological region, has a well-developed tradition of railways as well as research and development infrastructure, as a country can also propose solutions in the field of supporting vehicle employees, their training and monitoring their needs at work. This is an excellent basis for the development of autonomous means of land transport, which will appear on our roads and tracks in the coming years. Is the Polish intermodal transport infrastructure ready for these solutions? How can we modernize it to take full advantage of the potential of Polish innovation? And are we doing enough to secure our position as a continental and global transport hub?