7th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (22.06.2022)
15:45‑16:30 - Stage of Ideas

United for the reconstruction of Ukraine

Politics, security

The biggest challenge that the Three Seas countries are currently facing is - similarly to most other economies - dealing with the economic effects caused by Russia's aggression towards Ukraine and helping Ukraine to rebuild both its economic potential and the war damages.

Ukraine declares its willingness to rebuild the country quickly. Due to the fact that Ukraine has chosen the "European path", the reconstruction process should be connected with reforms that will bring the Ukrainian economy closer to EU standards in the field of climate policy, digitization and compliance with the law, including those relating to the fight against corruption and good governance. It will help in future integration with the European Union. The key to the implementation of the reconstruction plan is also Ukraine's sense of responsibility for the process and joint decisions on the directions and priorities of the reconstruction. Adequate funding is essential for the success of the process. For the efficient implementation of reforms, apart from financial resources, it could be useful to establish a system of exchange of good practices between countries that have recently followed a similar path of reform. The Three Seas countries as reliable partners of Ukraine should take part in this process.
How to quickly restore the Ukrainian economy to its production capacity? What role will public and private investments play in this process?