7th edition Rzeszów / Day 2 (18.11.2022)
13:00‑13:45 - Main stage

The education gap

Social challenges

According to a Eurostat study, Poland has more women with higher education than men. This phenomenon is called the education gap, and in Poland in 2021 the gap was as high as 19 p.p. In comparison, in the Czech Republic it was 16.2 p.p. In the demographic context, the gap can be seen as a significant impediment to matching couples, due to the fact that spouses most often have the same "level" of education (this is known as educational homogamy).

Studies also indicate that women are more likely to migrate to larger cities in search of quality education. This has led to a situation where there is an overrepresentation of women in metropolitan areas and men in small centers.

The education gap has thus become an important factor affecting the fertility rate in Poland. This is such a significant topic for Polish demography that it is worth exploring and developing solutions to help reduce this disproportion. We will discuss possible directions of action during the Kongres 590.

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