7th edition Warsaw / Day 2 (23.06.2022)
13:30‑14:15 - Debates 1

Stakeholder capitalism and ESG in the new reality


The concept of stakeholder capitalism and ESG criteria are gaining prominence in international business and politics, contributing before the outbreak of war, among other things, to making it more difficult for arms, mining and other companies from sectors perceived as "unsustainable" to obtain financing. The realities of war have shown how products and services from these disfavored sectors are needed to secure the functioning of societies and help fight for peace and security. What's more, they are also needed for the climate transformation that ESG criteria in theory are supposed to support. During the panel, experts will answer the questions:
How will war and geopolitical competition affect Western economies?
What will be the consequences of war and the implementation of ESG concepts in this context?
What are the prospects before the stakeholder capitalism and ESG agenda, given the different scenarios regarding the West's international policies towards non-democratic states and the current economic situation?