7th edition Rzeszów / Day 2 (18.11.2022)
12:00‑12:45 - Debates

Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum
Social Policy.
Challenges in the context of the war crisis in Ukraine.

Social challenges

Demographic problems, labor market challenges, internal immigration, education in a changing world, widespread bilingualism - these are just some of the social challenges facing Poland and Ukraine today, as well as the entire Central European region, and are key elements in building a new chapter in mutual relations.

Uncertainty, temporariness and suspension. This is what refugees from Ukraine are facing today, and due to rampant inflation and the approaching winter, uncertainty is also growing among domestic citizens. Contrary to popular belief, it is during difficult times that social programs take on a crucial importance and are the most important element in determining the security of citizens. Who and how can we best take care of in the near future, also taking into account the refugees from Ukraine currently living in Poland - especially women with children and the elderly?

The demographic change in Ukraine and Poland-is also a huge challenge for now and for the future-how can we face it and what ideas do both Ministries have for solving it and cooperating on it?

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