7th edition Rzeszów / Day 2 (18.11.2022)
16:30‑17:15 - Debates

How to combine the market economy with social policy?


"Everyone thinks only of his own earning, and yet some invisible hand directs him so that he pursues a goal he did not intend to achieve at all," - wrote Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations. Today, so much faith is not placed in the invisible hand of the market, even the most liberal states pursue their own social policies. How should it connect with the market economy? Is there a synergy between them, or are they two contradictions that cannot be combined? Rev. Prof. Piotr Mazurkiewicz, professor of social sciences at UKSW, Prof. Łukasz Hardt, former member of the Monetary Policy Council Dr. Artur Bartoszewicz, economist at the Warsaw School of Economics, Andrzej Sadowski, president of the Adam Smith Center, will discuss these questions

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