8th edition Warsaw / Day 1 (21.06.2023)
16:30‑17:15 - Debates 3

How much state in the economy?
– a recipe for success


How much does the state in the economy ensure success? Should the state be the initiator of investment in strategic sectors, or does this behavior crowd out private business and cause a slowdown in growth and loss of productivity? After 40 years of the persistence of the neoliberal narrative in economic policy, what should governments do to regain the public's faith that they can manage business? Or can't they? We will discuss these and other questions on Wednesday at the 590 Congress as part of the Polish Model of Capitalism series with Prof. Robert Wade of LSE, Prof. Łukasz Hardt of PTE and UW, and Sylwester Cacek, Chairman of the Board of Sfinks Polska.

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