7th edition Rzeszów / Day 1 (17.11.2022)
13:00‑13:45 - Main stage

Circular Economy – cooperation of business, science and regulator


In an era of climate change and the real risks associated with it, there is no turning back from the circular economy anymore. Today, it is necessary to think systemically, find connections and synergies between market participants, and implement innovative solutions aimed at rational use of resources, extending the life of products and minimizing their environmental impact. It is crucial that Poland participate in this pro-environmental transformation, while building capabilities in the area of waste processing and obtaining raw materials that can be reused in production. Without this element, we will not provide Polish entrepreneurs with access to recycled raw materials, and the growth of the European Union is to be based on such raw materials in the future. And while there are many players in the value chain, it is important that they all work together to achieve environmental goals, and that consistent legislation at both the EU and national levels supports their implementation. At what stage of the transformation towards Circular Economy is Poland today?

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