7th edition Rzeszów / Day 1 (17.11.2022)
14:00‑14:45 - Main stage

Can the Economic Polish Diaspora be a flywheel for the economic development of Poland and the cooperation of the countries of the Three Seas Initiative regions?

Politics, security

How to initiate cooperation between Polish small and medium-sized enterprises interested in exporting and the Economic Polish Diaspora of the Three Seas Initiative and of the World? Should this be a task for government agencies? Will the creation of a Ministry for Polonia and Poles Abroad, with particular emphasis on Economic Polish Diaspora, have a stimulating effect on GDP?
The role of Polish non-governmental organizations on the example of the association Poland Business Center World from Vienna, as a platform and animator of cooperation between Economic Polish Diaspora and the Motherland.

We would like to invite the Economic Polish Diaspora of the Three Seas Initiative Region as well as Polish Diaspora from other continents to the discussion. The purpose of the panel is to create initiatives and proposals addressed to the Polish government, which will highlight the importance of Poles living abroad for Poland, and the Three Seas Initiative. We want to hear from Polish companies what expectations they have from the Economic Polish Diaspora, do they see the importance of ethnic marketing? Let's jointly create a brand 'made in Poland'! We have engineers, scientists, managers, lawyers of Polish origin abroad. Many of them want or have already returned to Poland. Is there any use for their experience? How to reach them? Let's use the potential of the Economic Polish Diaspora, who have lived abroad for years, know the realities of the country, and at the same time are connected with Poland. Let our conclusions, proposals be the seed of the topics and content of the panels we would like to hear at the World Economic Polonia Forum in 2023. Let's create them together! The war in Ukraine dictates that we make decisions faster. Immediate strengthening of contacts of the Economic Polish Diaspora with the Motherland is the Polish Rationale of State and must not just be discussed but must be the subject of concrete action. The panel is a continuation of the theme from the previous edition of the Kongres 590 now in the form of a discussion.

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