of Freedom
8th Congress 590
Warsaw, Tor Służewiec
June 21-22, 2023

The Honorary Patronage
of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda

Andrzej Duda
8th Congress 590 with slogan
„Spaces Of Freedom”
to hold summer and autumn formats
The war in Ukraine and the related geopolitical changes have redefined the concept of freedom, pointing to the enormity of threats and making us aware of the importance of coordinating the activities of countries and alliances as the only way to defend common values ​​that guarantee the right of each nation to independence.
The Leading Topic of the upcoming 8th edition of Congress 590 have been outlined by the current situation of Poland and the countries of the free world and will focus on new challenges, development opportunities, setting new directions of action, as well as tightening economic and political relations between Poland and countries for which the overriding value is freedom.
Thematic areas of the 8th Congress


Political relations in the last months of the war in Ukraine have shown a complex mosaic of geopolitical interests. In addition to the idea of a strong Three Seas as a foundation for mutual security in a NATO-backed region, the continued redefinition of global politics is crucial. Questions about Europe's geopolitical center of gravity are one of the important issues in view of the immediate future marked by the next stages of the war in Ukraine.


Energy and Ecology

Climate change, political turmoil and the war in Ukraine have triggered a reflection related to the source of energy, which translates into a reorientation of energy generation methods especially in the Three Seas Initiative region. Nuclear energy is becoming a key element in the country's energy mix and stabilizing the market powered by alternative sources.


Security and Defense

The increase in the real threat to our homeland realizes the need for rapid changes in the way we think about security, mandating a rapid review of existing laws, procedures and other tools that increase the sense of security for us as citizens, and prompts a review of civic attitudes. Questions such as: what is the cost of peace; how to strengthen the country's defense power with broad public support; how to better educate youth by shaping patriotic attitudes and increasing the level of defense skills - require immediate answers.



In view of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the challenges it poses, the strong condition of the Polish economy and its development is a primary goal. What can be done so that the prolonged burden of warfare does not shake a stable and growing system. How to stimulate the development of the economy of Poland, the economic leader of the Three Seas Initiative region in the current geopolitical situation and a country with the ambition of having a large and modern army.


Agriculture, Food

Climate change has significantly affected the shape and direction of agricultural production towards ecology. This is a direction of constant exploration, challenges and opportunities, including Poland. Our presence in the European Union and other perspectives and priorities require a debate that will protect our interests. Agriculture has always, and now in particular, been a strategic area requiring the utmost care and attention.



The turmoil in the technology world caused by the release of Chat GPT has renewed interest in the development of artificial intelligence. This technology will have, and in many areas already has, a significant impact on economic development. The use of AI in industry and services, as well as defense, will change the way the previous model of technological development has been implemented.


Transportation, Logistics

Transportation and logistics are the bloodstream of any country's economy. Poland is consistently expanding its network of transport links with EU countries. The biggest challenge now will be the transport integration of Ukraine with Poland, with a special focus on connecting the Baltic and Black Sea basins, and the full automation and use of artificial intelligence while gradually eliminating hydrocarbon-based transportation.



The family as the foundation of a strong society and a stable economy in the face of demographic problems, demanding economic and geopolitical situation are the key social challenges facing Poland today. The position of women on the labor market, the issues of physical and mental health and the search for the fastest ways to get out of an unsatisfactory state will be in the center of attention of the debaters.



Internationalization of science significantly strengthens the position of Polish researchers in the world, and R&D centers in Poland are increasingly interested in establishing international cooperation and recruiting outstanding scientists not only from Poland. Polish industry therefore faces the challenge of how to make the most effective use of scientific potential in the perspective of the next technological revolution, i.e. artificial intelligence or quantum technologies to join the race.



is a fundamental part of the consciousness of a strong society. Preservation of cultural heritage and history becomes the responsibility of the state and citizens for the formation of future generations and strong social ties based on humanistic values. Mutual knowledge of the heritage of the countries and peoples of the Three Seas region is a prerequisite for a full understanding of the values of history and culture.

Congress 590 is a key economic event in Poland since 2016, attended by the most important people in Poland: President Andrzej Duda, representatives of the Council of Ministers, as well as outstanding experts, politicians and opinion leaders.


Summary of the 7th edition

2 formats: the first in Warsaw 22-23.06, the second in Rzeszów 17-18.11.2022.

  • Honorary patronage and participation of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • A total of nearly 90 panels over the course of four days
  • A total of more than 400 experts
  • Polish-Romanian and Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum
  • Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • 6 simultaneous streaming events at one time