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5-6 października 2021
Christian Rupp
CIO, European Joint Innovation Lab eGovernment

Univ.Lect. Christian Rupp, CMC

The technology evangelist has been active in various European bodies on digital transformation for over 20 years and has developed national digital strategies for more than 12 countries worldwide. In his roles (2003-2016) as spokesperson for the Digital Austria platform and Executive Secretary E-Government at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, he led the country from 13th to first place in the EU e-government rankings within three years. As Plenipotentiary for Digitalization in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (2016-2019), he also built up the SME DIGITAL program in Austria. In 2013, he was awarded the Golden Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria by the Federal President.

Christian Rupp is a board member of the National E-Government Competence Center in Berlin and board member of the UN WSIS WSA Awards as well as university lecturer in digital transformation and innovation. He is also the project manager for the Austrian EU TSI project „Digital upskilling strategies for Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia“

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